Partner Activities

Oklahoma Food and Farm Alliance

Rita Scott announced February 23 they will host an event in Tahlequah where chefs will come together with producers to discuss getting local food into local restaurants.

Tulsa County Wellness Partnership Update

Steering Committee Meeting is being held March 5th at 9:00 am at the Indian Health Care Resource Center. Schools Committee Meeting will be held March 14 from 3:45-5:00 at St. Frances Health Zone.

Katie Plohocky provided an update regarding plans to submit a healthy resolution regarding Healthy Eating Active Living to the City of Tulsa City Council for consideration. Sand Springs has already passed a resolution. TCWP will be working with them to amend it and also work with Collinsville to pass their own resolution. Tulsa Food Security Council will collaborate with TCWP with regards to their TSET grant, as many of their goals are similar. They also have communications funds that can help promote many of the same messages regarding food access, healthy eating, policy ideas, and events. TCWP is supporting the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee with regards to their recommendations to provide 7% of the Fix Our Streets budget to help fund active transportation needs including sidewalks.

Policy Committee Update. Katie Plohocky - Farm Bill.

The Farm Bill is expected to start receiving attention again beginning in March through May. We would like to ask Tori Christian to provide the Council with an update on issues pertaining to the Council’s mission in February or March.

H.E.A.L. Resolution.

We will be focusing the breakout session on discussion around Council recommendations for the Tulsa H.E.A.L. resolution. The list of outcomes is attached hereto.

Awareness Committee Update, Katie Plohocky

We would like to put together a communications plan for 2013 to include newsletters, letters to the editor, additions to the website, and events planned throughout the year. National Nutrition Month is in March. A Food Desert Tour is being planned for the Tulsa Health Department Board members. An invitation has been extended to Congressman Bridenstine to join the tour to provide an opportunity to educate him on the food security issues in his district and the farm bill. If any organizations plan to have events in March, please let Katie know so she can add to the calendar of events.

Connectivity Committee Update. Barbara Tricenella

The committee is still working on getting organizational inventory surveys done. Katie will email the surveys out to the Council email database again. If you haven’t yet filled one out, please do so. The compiled list will provide everyone with a comprehensive inventory of what areas organizations are working in so we can collaborate, help share resources, and identify gaps in services.

Economic Committee Update. Katie Plohocky

Community Food Project Planning Grant is well underway. Katie Plohocky and Russell Burkhart are working forming Green Country Foods will provide a community development corporation in which to house future projects such as an incubator commercial kitchen to be used to promote business and jobs in the food industry, as well am many other projects being investigated. We are looking for participants to join a steering committee to help move this forward. Contact Katie if you are interested.

The Mobile Grocery Store

The planning has been completed and implementation of the project is currently underway. Oklahoma State University has been instrumental in helping work on a PR campaign, companion health programs, and interviewing local stakeholders in the areas targeted for service. I would like to thank the students at the Stillwater and Tulsa campuses for their work. HCSI, Inc. (The Healthy Community Store Initiative), an Oklahoma non-profit corporation will be home to the project. The projected start of the mobile market is slated for May 2013.